The Legend Continues: Larry King Turns 82

Go behind-the-scenes of Larry King Now and see how Larry celebrated his 82nd!

By Hannah Kavy

It's Larry's birthday today and we're celebrating at the office with party hats & suspenders, obviously!

But, we're not the only ones excited about it. A few of Larry's friends are tweeting him some birthday love as well.

And so much more love from all of you guys!

If you haven't already seen this, watch this adorable video of Larry's surprise 80th birthday at Dodger's stadium! Spoiler alert: Larry tears up because he's so touched. Naturally I then teared up, as will you...

The next day, Larry visited the Jimmy Kimmel Livestage and was once again surprised, by Kimmel, with a birthday gift!

While we're celebrating our obsession with Larry King, oh and his birthday, take this QUIZ: Which Larry King Are You?

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