Renaming Today: #NationalKathyGriffinDay

Happy Birthday Kathy Griffin!

By Hannah Kavy

It's KATHY's birthday! So, your homework assignment for today is to care about nothing else! 

Since Kathy Griffin is straight up HILARIOUS and was recently on Larry King Now, I thought I'd put together my top 10 favorite moments from the interview... because a list of 80 moments is not appropriate.

10. When we learned Kathy is an ordained minister...via online sign-up 

9. When I asked Larry & Kathy to take a photo together and she announced that the chair needed to be in it...

8. When Kathy straight up MOTORBOATED Larry & he literally had no reaction...

7. When she decided she would make a better president than Donald Trump... #Kathy4Pres

6. When K-Griff held it down for the ladies! 

5. When Kath & Lar posed like this... #notsurewhy #okaywithit

4. When she used Hillary & Bernie's campaign slogans to answer questions...

3. When she got real about Bill Cosby...

2. When she gave us this amazingly GIFable moment!! YAAS

1. And last but not least, when she came on the show last year and mooned us...


(source of all GIFs: my photoshop skills)

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