In 2013, Trump told Larry King He'd "Rather Not" Run for President

Ah, Donald Trump. That omnipresent force of entertainment that managed to upgrade himself to kind-of-serious contender in actual politics (which I think also qualifies him for the horror genre. So does his hair)


Trump has been a nonstop human click bait machine for so long , it’s already lost it’s novelty. Yeah, it was a fun break from the tip toe-ing around the issues, don’t offend anyone tone we’re used to from politics. It was fun for a while to have someone say crazy stuff who didn’t play by the PC rules and just DGAF.

But now he’s the easiest, laziest target for late show monologues, outrageous quote listicles, and criticism/ridicule from both parties and basically everyone (unless you actually know Trump supporters – again, horror) I’d be shocked if every news source doesn’t have a Trump Reporter to stay on top of it. Is it racist or sexist today?

Just this week we’ve got:

1. Trump's "Muslims should be banned from  entering the US” statement,

2. A Florida mayor trolled him right back by banning Trump from his city "until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps."

3. A White House spokesperson saying that Muslim ban statement should “disqualify” him from the presidency,

4. Jimmy Kimmel Live playing fill in the blank with “Trump Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened To…” and

5. Arianna Huffington and HuffPo no longer being entertained by it.

It’s hard to imagine Trump as anything but this outrageous, nonsense-spewing wad of hair … but he was. Once upon a time, long long ago … it is the year 2013, and Larry King sat down with Trump in his hotel in New York city, a stunning view of Central Park behind them.

Larry asks Trump if he’ll run for office. He rambles on about how many successful business ventures he has, how much he loves it, how good he is at it. And then…

He said he’d rather not. HE’D RATHER NOT. And then he just casually drops the line of wanting "this country to be great again.” It’s like that time in 2008 when Taylor Swift told Ryan Seacreast she was just trying to “shake it off”. Except in that case it foreshadowed something wonderful and in this case…

So Donald, if you’d rather not, can you just … not?

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