Larry King's Tweets - "Baffling" or What We're All Thinking?

I asked Larry for his thoughts on a recent Buzzfeed article re: his tweets.

By Hannah Kavy

If you haven't already read the Buzzfeed article titled "39 Of The Most Baffling Tweets From Larry King In 2015" do so now. Don't worry, I'll wait until you're done. 

Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedUK

Wow that was quick! You're a fast reader. I feel like you may have just scrolled through the pictures and pretended to read all the words? Honestly not judging you for that - it's usually how I get through any magazine.

I'm sure you're feeling some type of way after reading the article (probably lol-ing) but you know who else has some thoughts on it? UNCLE LARRY! When I showed him the article this morning, this was his reaction...

"I wonder why they called my tweets baffling? I mean, they're just random thoughts that I have. I am curious about everything and have plenty of thoughts! I think about serious things, funny things and ordinary things. For instance when I go to the zoo, it's only natural that I'm curious about the giraffes - wouldn't you be? If not, that's baffling! *chuckle*" - Larry King 

Now I will leave you with this #baffling photo of Larry surrounded by technology, ponder that...

As Larry would to say, "What does it all mean?"

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