Larry King Tells Conan Why Flip Phones & Typewriters & Mail Are His Fav

Larry King loves to keep it old school...


If anyone can try to convince you to ditch your smartphone for a flip phone - it would be Larry King.

"You don't get addicted to it, it doesn't control me," King told Conan as he discussed his love for his trusty flip phone. "You go to dinner with people & they're on their iPhones all the time - I don't like it."

But King's appreciation for classic technology didn't stop there - like a classic #ItsMy2Cents tweet - King casually (and randomly) transitioned his conversation with Conan to typewriters & even snail mail.

Click in below to watch the clip in all of its 'old-school' awesomeness below:

And if you missed Larry King's interview with Conan's O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter on 'Larry King Now' just click in to watch below:

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