We're Blown Away By 'Han Cholo's' Star Wars Jewelry Collection!

L.A. based jewelry designer Brandon Schoolhouse has designed for some of Hollywood's biggest names. Now legendary Star Wars creator George Lucas has come calling...

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer — 'Larry King Now'

In 1995, L.A. native Brandon Schoolhouse got his start working for the Beastie Boys’ 'Grand Royal' records in their Atwater Village neighborhood studios. While with the label, Brandon did a little bit of everything — from A&R and production, to promotion and publicity. He also began honing his design skills, bringing to life his eclectic eye for style through fashion, print and album campaigns inspired by L.A.'s art and music subculture. During this time, however, it was Brandon’s jewelry and accessory crafts that caught the public’s attention. As a result, in 2002 ( with a little help from Brad Pitt-- peep the video below to hear more about this), he launched his own jewelry line, using his nickname 'Han Cholo' as the brand’s moniker.

Now, fast forward more than a decade, Han Cholo has reached new heights. Not only is the brand hugely popular online — selling its fantasy fiction and music inspired jewelry globally — but it's also a hit with Hollywood's elite. Han Cholo has designed custom pieces for a slew of famous faces like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Gwen Stefani — among many others.And recently, 'Lucasfilm' (A.K.A George Lucas, A.K.A. Star Wars ) gave the brand coveted licensing rights to create a special collection for the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' film — out today in theaters.

Luckily for us, Brandon welcomed the Larry King Now team inside Han Cholo's Atwater headquarters — which happens to be the former Beastie Boys studio he began his career in nearly 20 years ago ( talk about full circle! ) — to get a look at his Star Wars collection and more! Scroll below for a glimpse of the incredible line and to learn more about Han Cholo! 

Han Cholo 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Collection

( Visit HanCholo.com to see more designs, from Star Wars and beyond )

WATCH: Behind the scenes at Han Cholo's Headquarters

WATCH: Brandon's sit-down with Larry King, where he gifts The King with a custom made Han Cholo ring!

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