Slipknot's Corey Taylor Turns 42!

Happy Birthday to Slipknot's frontman, Corey Taylor!

By Hannah Kavy

Happiest of birthdays to Slipknot's frontman and one of our favorite "Larry King Now" past guests, Corey Taylor!! Corey came on "Larry King Now" last year and gave us all a special treat. "What special treat" you ask? We'll get to that later in this blog, and there is a GIF involved, don't you worry. Corey turns the big 4-2 today and we're celebrating by rockin' out to some heavy metal at the office. Okay, to be honest I'm listening to a little Fetty Wap right now... BUT legitimately Slipknot is really cool too! You know what, I think I can hear a little Slipknot playing down the hall in somebody else's office... I wonder if it's coming from Larry's desk?

Corey Taylor And Larry King

Remember I said Slipknot was pretty legit? Okay, I think I said "really cool" - regardless, Corey Taylor is epic. See for yourself...

When Corey came on Larry's show last year (click here to watch the full interview) he scared the whole crew by revealing his new tour mask (hence the terrifying GIF above that made you click). Check out the clip below where he shows Larry the mask and see how scared Larry gets...  

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