Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Tracee Ellis Ross!

Award-winning star of "Black-ish" stops by Larry King Now for the second time and talks Obama shoutouts, Kanye, pay inequality, and Yiddish humor.

By Brandi Magee

As the daughter of one of the most legendary R&B divas of all time, the pressure on Tracee Ellis Ross to be fabulous must have seemed insurmountable. And although she carries the moniker of her famous mother, Diana Ross, the younger Ross has blazed her own path in Hollywood, making a name for herself in the land of lights, camera, action. Recently the actress sat with Larry King and gave us oh so many reasons to love her. Here’s ten.

  1. She is a style icon. She’s got “it” and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. Her style is classic and glamorous and when she stepped into the studio, she did not disappoint.
  2. She’s humble. Tracee's favorite part about winning four NAACP Image Awards? Getting to thank everybody else that made it possible.
  3. She has Diana Ross’s DNA.  And eyes. And the remake of her mom’s “Work That Body” music video.
  4. She likes to ponder.  While she did grow up in close proximity to glitz and glam, it is clear Tracee has compassion for issues affecting all of us.
  5. Black lives DO matter.  That is how she feels about it.  Plain and simple.  And she is not afraid to stand behind that.
  6. She has no problem saying she's a feminist.  As she says, she values equality in all humanity.
  7. She is a woman in her own right.  Realizing early on that people loved her because of the spill of her mother’s “glitter,” she was compelled to figure out who she was outside of that.
  8. Family is important.  Tracee gushes about how amazing all her siblings turned out to be, thanks to their awesome mother.  She admits that she, too, would like to be a mother some day.
  9. She embraces both her Jewish and African-American heritage.  As the mom on the hit show “Black-ish,” she gets to explore the dynamics of race and culture in America today.  She also shares a bit of Yiddish humor with Larry.
  10. Her hilarious impressions.  Whether she is being rapper T-Murda, French fashion blogger Caliope Champignon or any number of other characters, this funny lady will have you cracking up.

Watch the full episode here:

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