Larry Tweets: #ItsMy2Cents On The Oscars

After seeing a movie for the first time, Larry's been known to tweet his opinions, good or bad. So, with the 87th Academy Awards right around the corner, here are some of his past tweets supporting his Oscar predictions for this year's ceremony!

For Best Picture, Larry picks Birdman to win. 

Larry clearly enjoyed the film since he gives Alejandro G. Inarritu of Birdman the nod for Best Director as well.

Larry says Bradley Cooper's performance in American Sniper will be the winner for Best Actor.

For Best Actress, he thinks Julianne Moore should go home with the "Golden Man" for her performance in Still Alice.

For Best Supporting Actor, Larry supports J.K. Simmons for his acting in the film Whiplash.

Finally, for Best Supporting Actress, Larry picks recent guest of Larry King Now, Patricia Arquette for her role in Boyhood.

Who's on your Oscar ballot to win this year? 

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