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Here are a few of our (completely unbiased) thoughts on the matter: 

Larry King is an expert at changing with the times. While his interview style has remained largely the same - smart, inquisitive, curious, and savvy never go out of style - Larry’s social media presence has grown his persona & allowed him to give his followers unprecedented access to the tastemakers he interviews.

Larry uses social media to share his eccentric thoughts and stories. On Sunday nights Larry goes on a late-night Twitter rant giving his followers a glimpse into his inquisitive mind. He also uses social media to interact with fans of Larry King Now. Before every intervie he asks his followers to send in questions, then asks his guest questions from the public. This invites a unique perspective into the studio and creates an interesting conversation bringing together viewpoints from people of all walks of life.

Beyond the show itself, Larry gives his followers a behind-the-scenes look into the studio by posting exclusive content of himself interacting with guests and the crew.

Larry King is an iconic American broadcast journalist who over the past 60 years has conducted over 60 thousand interviews with some of the world’s most fascinating people. With guests ranging from political leaders to award-winning actors and artists, Larry is able to connect with viewers of all ages and interests. Larry King is continuing his legacy on the digital network Ora TV where he hosts his first-ever web series, Larry King Now. The 81-year-old broadcaster is known for his in-depth interviews, quirky remarks, and stylish suspenders ensembles.

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