Last Night's "It's My Two Cents" by Larry King

A review of my Twitter rant from last night...

"What could smell worse than Limburger cheese?"

"I wonder what Bernie Madoff thinks about when he goes to bed at night."

"Shark Tank on ABC is hypnotic TV."

"Ted Cruz signing up for ObamaCare is the height of hypocrisy."

"Chocolate covered donuts taste better right from the refrigerator."

"I don't get hungry after eating Chinese food anymore."

"At odds of 4 to 1, I'll make a bet on Manny Pacquiao."

"Pineapple is a helluva fruit."

"I haven't seen a motorcycle with a sidecar in a long while."

"I don't get Vine because I can't do anything in less than six seconds."

"You never appreciate AAA until you need them."

"I wonder how the old time boxers would've done against the new crop."

"I don't know why but sometimes I wish I were left-handed."

"I rarely use lip balm."

"I'm happy to hear Celine Dion is returning to Las Vegas."

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