420: Where Does The Battle To Legalize Marijuana Stand?

Celebrities and politicians weigh in on the battle to legalize marijuana.

As more and more states pass laws loosening restrictions on marijuana, we are taking a look back at some of the bold-faced names who’ve leant their support to the issue while sitting down with Larry King. They have a wide range of reasons to promote legalizing the drug. From Melissa Etheridge’s battle with cancer to Seth McFarlane and Kevin Nealon’s more .. shall we say, comedic, approach to the drug – it’s clear that pot is moving beyond its Reefer Madness reputation and into the mainstream.

A panel of experts joined Larry King way back in 2012 to debate the legalization of marijuana, and in the past few years, the legislation has advanced significantly, with now four states and Washington, D.C. allowing recreational pot. Experts on both sides of the issue weighed in on the legal questions, downsides, and benefits of easing marijuana restrictions.

And there’s no shortage of celebrity support for the change in mindset. Larry joined Willie Nelson on his tour bus last spring to talk about pot legalization and the 2016 presidential race

Jesse Ventura has also been outwardly supportive of legalizing the drug on his Ora.TV show Off The Grid, even going encouraging President Barack Obama to take a toke in solidarity.

Melissa Etheridge tells Larry King that pot is what got her through her battle with cancer.

 Seth MacFarlane joined the show to talk about his stance on marijuana legalization.

And SNL alum and Weeds star Kevin Nealon was open about his views on the drug.

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