@KingsThings' #ItsMy2Cents From Last Night

A review of my Twitter rant from last night...

"Opening day means baseball."

"The Frank Sinatra Special on HBO is terrific."

"Ludacris is a great and talented guy."

"I can't get into Pinkberry."

"I like green grapes better than red grapes."

"I don't know why but I miss Roy Rogers."

"You don't know what lonesome is till you get to herdin' cows..."

"I hate short shoe laces."

"All war is insane."

"I could use a glass of seltzer now."

"I've never seen real Bluegrass."

"Not many people know that Karl Marx never set foot in Russia."

"The extra point rule in football has lost its interest…"

"If you own an iPhone why would you need an iWatch?"

"Look up 'still great-looking' in the dictionary and you get a picture of Robert Redford."

"I'm sorry I never met John Wooden."

"I like chicken egg drop soup much better than wonton."

"I miss Mello Rolls."

"You can never plan to fall in love."

"Every time my wife says I hate jewelry I head to Harry Winston."

"Do you funeral homes ever have a bad year?"

"As Scarlet said, 'After all, tomorrow is another day!' Goodnight"

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