La La Anthony Talks To Larry About The Now-Leaked Nude Scene From 'Power', Carmelo’s Reaction (VIDEO)

La La Anthony discusses her talented co-star, 50 Cent, and their racy nude scene in the Starz show, 'Power'.

By Scott Stenholm


“Power” star La La Anthony talks about working for 50 Cent and how her husband, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, reacted to her first ever nude scene which was leaked online in recent days in the clip from Larry King Now below.

The gossip site MediaTakeOut obtained a copy of the scene and decided to post it early.

"Power" star and executive producer, 50 Cent, has since threatened legal action in a video he released saying, “Shout out to MediaTakeOut for showing La La some love and showing her scene early... For doing that, I’m not gonna take it personal, so don’t take it personal with me when they sue you til you’re blue in the face.”

MediaTakeOut has since taken the video down, but as we all know, once something like this hits the web - it's there for life.  

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