5 Times Neil deGrasse Tyson Gave Us Inspirational Gems

Neil deGrasse Tyson: a man who drops major knowledge #TeamNerd

By Hannah Kavy

(source: reddit)

When Neil was recently on Larry King Now, he was asked thought-provoking questions such as, "Are you afraid of dying?" His answers we're so profound, you'd think he was some sort of educator... (sarcasm, he is one.) I thought I'd serve you up some of Neil's knowledge, with a side of GIFs.  See below. #yourewelcome

1. “I fear living a life, where I could’ve accomplished something and didn’t.”

(source: omega-level)

2. “It is the knowledge that I am going to die, that creates the focus that I bring to being alive.”


(source: reddit)

3. "If we live forever, why ever even get out of bed in the morning, because you always have tomorrow.”

(source: tumblr)

4. "When an elected official stands in denial of climate change.. that is the end of an informed democracy."

(source: reddit)

and IMO his most profound, by far...

5. "Where's the wire?!"

If you're just as convinced as I am that #NeildeGrasseTyson2016 should be a thing, check out his interview with Larry, where all of these inspirational gems came from.

Side note: want to impress the next time you're at a classy dinner party? Learn a little bit about what's going on with NASA these days. Did you watch it? You're smarter now, & you're welcome.

#Aliens 👽

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