#Wimbledon 2015: Is Serena Williams America’s Most Dominant Athlete?

Pimms and strawberries abound — The Championships, Wimbledon is upon us!

By: Kyle MacLelland

The doors to the All England Club opened on Monday, welcoming the world aboard a two week tennis-lovers voyage featuring performances by Novak & Petra, Roger & Maria, plus many, many more. But, per usual, all eyes are on one player — Taylor Swift’s new buddySerena Williams.

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No stranger to flashbulbs at any tennis event (or, you know, while casually shopping for some new duds in downtown London), there is without question heightened intrigue surrounding America’s #1 at Wimbledon 2015. ESPN’s commentators can’t get enough of Serena (even more than usual), managing to mention her name what feels like every 35 seconds. I swear, they could cut to a shot of a champagne delivery truck in the back parking lot and in some seemingly impossible way equate it to Serena’s 2005 Aussie Open title run. Gotta love a Mary Joe Fernandez, Chris Fowler 1,2 punch, though! (But seriously, MJF and Fowler are legit. I actually do love them.)

To some, ESPN’s Serena obsession may be a little over the top, but to a tennis junkie like myself — someone who has followed the ins and outs of the sport for almost two decades — it makes total sense. Not only is Williams having the best start to her career at age 33 —20 years after turning pro — she’s on the verge of breaking ridiculous records that won’t be touched for decades upon decades, if ever.So, again, don’t question a random cut away from Novak Djokovic’s match for a slow-mo analysis of SW's forehand!

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To end opening day, ESPN ran an intense package highlighting the storied career of Serena and previewing what possibly lies ahead for her (2015 could end with 22 major singles championships & a calendar slam– which, for lack of a better term, is absurd).

Most importantly, however, the network FINALLY took a firm stance on something they seemed to be previously cautious about — deeming Serena America’s most dominant athlete over the likes of LeBron, Mayweather & Rousey. As an avid tennis fan, I certainly agree. It was a breath of fresh air for a sport, that despite its global reach, never really gets the mainstream respect it deserves. Thank you ESPN!

So, what do you think, is Serena America’s #1 athlete? Before answering, check the facts and figures. They speak for themselves. 

Oh, and in case you missed it, here is Maria Sharapova speaking about Serena during her ‘Larry King Now’ appearance…maybe Serena ( hopefully with a Wimbledon trophy) will join us in-studio soon!

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