Nascar Fans: Thoughts On Sunday's Danica, Dale Clash?

Danica Patrick is not pleased with Dale Earnhardt Jr. after his questionably innocent bump of her no. 10 car during Sunday's Quaker State 400.

By: Kyle MacLelland

There were plenty of fireworks at the Kentucky Speedway on Sunday. Danica Patrick was rear-ended on lap 206 by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. — a move that spawned the following response from Patrick: "(Expletive) 88, did he (expletive) hit me? Go (expletive) yourself. Really?" Then, later in the race, Danica bumped Jr. back on pit-row. 

Earnhardt claimed it was unintentional and the result of a break issue on his no. 88 car. In a post-race interview he was relatively apologetic and said the two will "talk it it out."

Danica is no stranger to on-track drama. She candidly discussed her racing aggression during a previous 'Larry King Now' interview... 

What do you make of today's Danica, Dale incident? Is the no. 10 racer too aggressive, or justified in her actions?

Also, in case you missed it, check out what Jeff Gordon told Larry about Danica's racing abilities...

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