"The Most Stylish Man in News"

Recently, Larry King had the U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera on #PoliticKING. It inspired a couple of Larry's fans to write some poems of their own.

"Larry is a legendary television host, but don't expect him to boast,

His suspenders do the walking and Larry does the talking.

The most stylish man in news, no wonder why he gets so many views.

Larry likes to make you smile, and he does so with style.

Now why don't others follow suit? Well it's because they won't look as cute."

-by David Anthony on Facebook

"Among talk show hosts, Larry is the King!

He's full of candor in every scene!

He has so much style, he sets the trend.

His voice is so mellow. it truly soothes you.

He's a welcome guest in every home!"

- by Jose Estuardo Santos on Facebook

"He is the "king"of the interview

The king with all the style

Without his show on nightly

I haven't watched cnn for awhile

A Jewish boy from Brooklyn

But his New York accent is gone

When he left his talk show 

Piers Morgan couldn't carry it on

So now I'm a friend on Facebook

And I read his quotes and his views

It's not the same as his tv show 

But for now it will have to do"

-by Lauren Lanowitz Schwartzbach on Facebook

"In Interviews, there's bluff and bling 

In Larry's World, he'll always be King!"

- by Alan E Kennedy on Twitter ‏(@alanekennedylaw)

"Larry King is back, as a matter of fact 

I never understood why he left us like that?

With his wonderful interest, his humor, and flair

His voice is so welcome when I hear him on air.

He's sincere with his guests on each of his shows,

He's funny, he listens, his attention it holds.

So welcome back Larry, so happy you're there,

You're a rare interviewer, back in your Larry King chair."

- by Kim Ames on Facebook 

Do you have a poem for Larry King? Post in the comments below or on any of your social media platforms with the hashtag #LarryKingPoem & Larry will share it!

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