Harrison Ford on Potential Star Wars Return

Han Solo is getting a spinoff!

By: Pedro Domit, Editorial Intern

With all the buzz that keeps popping up about the highly anticipated “Star Wars Episode VI: The Force Awakens,” we just got more amazing news from the Star Wars universe.


It was announced today that the series’ most-liked character is getting his own film about his life prior to the Star Wars movies. With all the hubbub that’s happening, I thought I would ask around the Ora office to see who people think would be the perfect Han Solo for the prequel.

A few people are saying Chris Pratt is the perfect choice, while another of my co-workers thinks that Dylan O’Brien is the better option.

In my opinion, no one will be a better Han Solo than the original Han himself, Harrison Ford. Check out this clip where he talks to Larry about him possibly returning to the Star Wars franchise:

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