Maria, Maria! Can She Derail The Serena Slam?

The 5-time slam champ Sharapova is 2-17 against the 20-time slam champ Serena Williams.

By: Kyle MacLelland

Maria Sharapova takes on Serena Williams in tomorrow morning's highly anticipated Wimbledon semi-final (UK time, so don't forget to set your alarms, tennis freaks!). Despite her lopsided, losing record against Williams, we mustn't forget Maria conquered the younger Williams sister for her first slam title at the All England Club back in 2004. Plus, the Russian's big-hitting game is well suited for the slick London grass. Then again, so is Serena's...ever tried to return a 125 MPH serve heading for your chest?

On "Larry King Now" Maria discussed Serena...

She also commented on her "locker room friendships" (or lack thereof) on the WTA Tour....

Can Maria take out Serena, or will the 5-time Wimbledon Champ  continue marching towards her second "Serena Slam?" Regardless of the outcome, I'm sure there will be plenty of fist pumping fireworks! Good luck to both champs!

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