Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer Makes Waves Online

Doctor Who releases the season 9 trailer for its television show promising fans action, characters and new locations!

By: Ben Gray, Editorial Intern

With the 48th annual Comic Con beginning this weekend, fans of comics, television and films are in for a treat. Although many cannot attend the conference (held in San Diego from July 9th-12th), social media and news outlets allow fans to keep up to date with happenings.

For example, earlier today the trailer for the ninth season of Doctor Who was released and spread like wildfire. Featuring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, and Maisie Williams, the trailer is quickly building buzz for the upcoming season (premiering September 19th on BBC).

The trailer features an array of locations and characters, along with a healthy dose of mystery.

“Who the heck is Maisie Williams playing?!”

“What adventures will The Doctor and Clara embark on?”

Before an after credit scene between Capaldi and Williams, the trailer concludes with the Doctor stating “I’m the Doctor and I save people!” – a powerful reminder that everyone's favorite Doctor is back once more.

We at LKN are so excited for Peter Capaldi to join Larry in studio. Stay tuned for clips and the full interview, and in the interim, check out the Doctor Who trailer below.

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