Bobcat Goldthwait: I've Been Calling Bill Cosby a Rapist for Years

Bobcat Goldthwait had a hunch about Bill Cosby years ago -- and says he isn't surprised by the recent rash of rape allegations against the comedian.

Actor, filmmaker, and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait isn't known for mincing his words -- so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that he called out the Bill Cosby allegations years ago. When he came in to sit down with Larry King this week, Goldthwait gave us the story behind the rumors he heard about Cosby 20 years ago -- and why he believed them.

Cosby has been accused by over 30 women with similar stories of assault by the comedian over the course of his career. Just today, The Wrap reported that another three women have come forward. 

Goldthwait told us he isn't shocked by the recent stories. "I was going to call my first album ...'Bill Cosby's a Sexual Predator'," Goldthwait said, remarking that while he didn't really know if Bill Cosby was actually assaulting women, but he had heard a story and surmised that he was a "creepy guy." 

Watch the full clip below and find the full interview on KingsThings with Larry King this Thursday.

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