How Larry King Ended Up on Justin Bieber's Instagram

It's official: Larry is a Belieber.

By: Serena Brahney, LKN producer

For weeks the Internet has been ablaze with anticipation for Justin Bieber’s new single “What Do You Mean?”, and today Larry got in on the action.

Justin’s had a bevy of celebs promoting the forthcoming release – from Ashton Kutcher to Kendall Jenner to Ed Sheeran – and now Larry makes his indelible mark as the lone octogenarian in the bunch. Or at least the guy with the most pairs of suspenders (unless Ben Stiller has a collection we don't know about).

Check out Larry’s contribution to Bieber’s world takeover below, as well as the conversation with Scooter Braun – Justin’s longtime manager and BFF/honorary big brother – that spurred the move:

Scooter sat down with Larry last week for a compelling discussion about the rough patch Justin hit over the past couple of years and his recent turnaround, and the touching promise he made to Bieber.

Scooter, who is a massive success in his own right, opened up about what motivates him (it isn’t money…), his deep commitment to his family, and the surprising reason he’s opted to publicly support Hillary Clinton for president.

This is my second time working with Scooter, and I’m happy to say he’s the kind of person you want to see succeed: someone who’s authentic and kind and fundamentally gives a sh*t. He was a pleasure to produce, and he gives great hugs. I think that says a lot about a person.

And as a Canadian, I can’t help but root for Bieber – a small-town kid who grew up in the glaring limelight and who, like all of us, should be allowed to experiment and screw up and learn and do better.

Watch Scooter’s full conversation with Larry here, and stay tuned for Justin's single on August 28.

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