U.S. Remains World Leader In Mass Shootings

Are further gun control measures the answer to this tragic problem?

By: Kyle MacLelland

On Monday the L.A. Times reported that: "The United States is, by a long shot, the global leader in mass shootings, claiming just 5% of the global population but an outsized share -- 31% -- of the world's mass shooters since 1966, a new study finds."  The article details the prime factors contributing to this staggering statistic, drawing from a report University of Alabama criminologist Adam Lankford is set to present at the American Sociological Association's 2015 meeting. Lankford says there is, "...a chronic and widespread gap between Americans' expectations for themselves and their actual achievement, Americans' adulation of fame, and the extent of gun ownership in the United States." These elements combined with a "backdrop of poorly managed mental illness" leads to a very volatile population – one willing to commit mass murder.

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On 'Larry King Now,' we recently discussed gun use in America in very powerful conversation featuring the director of Women Against Gun Violence Margot Bennett, prominent NRA attorney C.D. 'Chuck' Michel & UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler. Topics covered included cap laws, universal background checks and the seemingly unnecessary prevalence of high-powered firearms in the U.S.. Watch now and comment below...

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