Ready To Check-In? "American Horror Story: Hotel" Trailer Is Here!

Brace yourselves... "Hallways," a 30 second trailer for"American Horror Story: Hotel" has been released

By Hannah Kavy

FX / Via

American Horror Story: Hotel is only one month away and we are all ready to check-in! Basically, the AHS gods have released a little sneak peek and let me tell you, it's gold. Myself, along with pretty much everyone on Twitter, cannot contain ourselves. The creepy trailer shows a little bit of this season's cast but most importantly, LADY GAGA HAS ARRIVED. Luckily for all of you AHS fans, Larry King did what he does best and got the scoop from some of the cast.

Larry, being the curious man that he is, obviously had to ask Kathy Bates about what it was like working with his friend, Lady Gaga.

Larry, in his all green ensemble, talked with AHS actor Wes Bentley about the "horrific things" in the show's script that gave him nightmares.

If you haven't already seen the trailer (shame on you) watch below! & You're welcome...

The fifth season of Ryan Murphy's epic, yet terrifying, series premieres Oct. 7th on FX.

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