Amber Rose Struts Her Stuff With No Shame

Amber Rose gears up for her inaugural ‘Slut Walk’ with this hilarious sketch on Funny or Die,‘Walk of No Shame’

By Brandi Magee

Exactly how does Amber Rose get geared up for her very first Amber Rose Slut Walk on October 3 in Los Angeles?  She kicks it off with a ‘Walk of No Shame,’ of course!

In a comedy sketch video posted to the Funny or Die website on September 14, cheery 50s sitcom music plays as Miss Rose proudly slips out the front door of last night’s lover looking like, well, last night.

But there is no shame in her walk and Amber does not even attempt to hide the fact that she is beaming in the afterglow of last night’s one night stand.  There must’ve been some serious ‘twerking’ going on.  Her sexy, skin-skimming, cleavage-baring dress is in stark contrast of the bright and sunny suburbia that she bobs proudly through, pink strappy heels in hand, arm tattoos ‘on fleek.’  (Watch Amber explain 'on fleek' to Larry below.)

And Amber keeps it ‘trill’ with the neighborhood folk who join her in celebrating her sexual freedom. After confirming to the milkman that she had had sex last night, he replies, “Sounds like you’re living your best life.”  Little old ladies congratulate her and the mayor presents a key to the city for her confidence in her choices and the ability to celebrate her body. Seems like this whole town likes to get ‘turnt.’

At the end, when the object of last night’s affection chases her down because she forgot to leave her number… well, you’ll see how this sexually liberated vixen handles it in the video.

I thought the video was a charming way to bring attention to the women’s empowerment issues that she discussed with Larry earlier this year.

Watch the entire interview below, and stay tuned for upcoming exclusive coverage of the Amber Rose Slut Walk next month.

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