Where the Magic Happens: A Visit to Stan Lee's Office

Summer interns Rachel Stark and Yasi Aghania on their favorite moments on set with Larry King and Stan Lee.

By Rachel Stark 

Set photos by Yasi Aghania

Rachel Stark and Yasi Aghania were summer interns at Larry King Now.

Having never been to Beverly Hills, I was unfamiliar with the area. There were so many huge buildings and fancy houses planted around, so I was excited to see where the interview would take place. As we approached, I was expecting the office to be bland, decorated with some simple desks, chairs, and tables.But fortunately, my fears were unfounded. Once off the elevator, I walked down the hall and into the office where Stan Lee creates his iconic characters. Huge posters of familiar faces complete with their famous lines in speech bubbles were plastered across every wall. Walking down the hall was like being in a Marvel Comic book! Spider-man, The Avengers, Ironman, and other names that have impacted kids from back in the 60’s to today came to life. Twenty minutes later, in front of a Spider-man backdrop, Larry King sat down with Stan Lee. 

Below are some favorite moments from their conversation.

  • Lee understands that there are responsibilities that come with being an icon. He acknowledged that a “white” superhero isn’t the only kind of superhero that should or can exist, and therefore he creates characters that have many different backgrounds. Stan appreciates his Spider-man character because he feels that young kids can imagine anyone underneath the Spider-Man costume.
  • If Stan was to identify the most with any one of his creations he picked Iron Man. “Handsome and glorious,” were the two adjectives that came to mind when he spoke about the character, currently embodied in the latest films by Robert Downey Jr.
  • At 92, Stan joked that 'greed' is what keeps him going. He quipped that he wanted to do all the talking, and Larry was just interrupting him. When asked what he did with the biggest paycheck he ever got, he said that he put it in the bank. Then added, “so that my wife could spend it.” Clearly a considerate guy!
  • Surprisingly, Stan Lee got into comics by accident.
  •  He also mentioned how he can't see well or hear well and how when he goes to movies he just sees figures across the screen and then goes home and asks his friends what the movie was about so he can paste things together 
  •  Stan was such a jokester on stage, constantly making jokes with Larry and joking around about how great he looks- he made the whole room laugh with his witty jokes throughout the whole interview
  •  Stan took a picture with a nine year old boy who was visiting the set and they talked about his love for Captain America
  •  Stan's office has a life-size Spider-man an Amazing Spider-man pinball machine in his office... (maybe we can get one for Ora??)

Check out a clip from the interview below and watch the full episode here!

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