I'll let the title speak for itself.

By Hannah Kavy

I feel like every other day is some strange made up holiday that's trending on social media, it's a bit much if you ask me. But today is National Drink Beer Day, so I'm obviously into it. When I saw the hashtag trending, my mind immediately TBTed to the magical moment in which Larry King realized he was not a fan of Ale beer.  Definitely up there on my list of favorite Larry GIFs...

This amazing moment was created on Larry King Now when Brewmaster Michael Ferguson treated the King to a beer tasting...

Honestly so proud and shocked that Larry agreed to this because he’s not a drinker. Side note- really upset that I missed out on "Larry’s Beer Tasting Turn Up"

If you were wondering what else was up there on my list of best Larry GIFs, please see below...

(source: back on my photoshop grind #boss)

Honestly if you haven't been drinking a beer while reading this blog, I'm beyond upset with you. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! love you #bye

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