CM Punk Responds to Controversial UFC Game Rating

Phil Brooks aka CM Punk, UFC fighter and former WWE professional wrestler caused a stir yesterday when he took to Twitter to respond to people claiming he was rated to highly in UFC’s upcoming UFC 2 Video Game.

Phil Brooks aka CM Punk has always had a flair for controversy. A Multi time WWE Champion, CM Punk built a legacy for being great in the ring and his microphone skills. A great "heel" Punk would often use his personal social media account to speak out against "marks".

As most know, CM Punk departed the WWE close to two years ago after the 2014 Royal Rumble Match. After being silent on the topic of his departure for months he appeared on his friend and independent Wrestler Colt Cabana's "The Art of Wrestling Podcast" to air his grievances with his previous employer. Several days later, CM Punk revealed that he would be pursing a career in mixed Martial Arts with the UFC. Punk, who had trained with The Gracie Jujitsu School always wanted to try his hand in MMA and now at 37 will have his shot in the Octagon later this year (No date has been announced).The Roufusport camp is currently training Punk which is one of the most respected names in MMA.

Punk has been dealing with naysayers since announcing his MMA deal. Many fans of the sport have called the move a publicity stunt and insist Punk will never actually fight. However, It is the release of the trailer and the ratings for UFC 2 that sent the Internet into a stir last night. CM Punk is rated fairly high in the game with an overall rating of 85. He shares the same ranking with Martin Kampmann a retired fighter with over 27 bouts to his name.

In typical CM Punk Fashion he took to Twitter to add more fuel to the fire

Then when he saw his first post had the reaction he predicted he commented on that as well. 

Regardless if he ever steps foot in the octagon or not he is sure to bring more attention to the sport which is EXACTLY what Dana White had in mind. 

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