Gillian Anderson Speechless over News of All-White Oscar Nominations

The 'X-Files' and 'The Fall' actor was visibly upset during her interview with Larry King when the host broke the news that no actors of color were nominated for Academy Awards this year.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced yesterday this year's nominees, and for the second year in a row, all the acting nominees were white. The negative backlash was swift, with #OscarsSoWhite trending on Twitter and social media buzzing over the injustice, noting actors like Michael B. Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, and Idris Elba as worthy contenders. 

The same day, Larry King sat down in the Larry King Now studio with 'The X-Files' star Gillian Anderson.  After discussing gender inequality, King broke the news of the Oscar nominations to Anderson. 

Anderson's immediate response was disbelief -- "Is that true?" she asked, becoming visibly upset and getting quiet. "That is unbelievable. Oh my god." A silence followed before she answered King's next question, still distracted by the information and taking a drink of water before continuing the interview.

Her full response is below:

KING: The Academy Award nominations were just announced and there were no people of color nominated this year.

ANDERSON: Is that true?

KING: Yeah. Surprised to hear that.

ANDERSON: That is unbelievable. 

KING: Yeah it is. With all the strides we supposedly have made.

ANDERSON: Oh my god...

KING: Tell me about 'The Fall.' This is its 3rd season, right?

ANDERSON: I'm sorry, that is unbelievable. Um, tell you about 'The Fall.' What would you like to know?

KING: You're shocked by that. I am too, I just learned it too.

ANDERSON: I am shocked by that.

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