"Iron" Mike Tyson Makes UFC Debut

Iron Mike Tyson may have retired from boxing years ago, but he is set to make his Octagon debut in the highly anticipated UFC 2.

UFC 2 is the most highly anticipated MMA game to grace this generation of consoles. With the popularity of fighters like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor, its no wonder this year’s game is drawing such attention. Last week it was revealed that former professional wrestler and MMA fighter CM Punk will be featured in the game, sparking a great deal of controversy over his inclusion and ranking.

This week another HUGE name was revealed to be in the Octagon for UFC 2. It is none other than one of boxing's biggest names, "Iron" Mike Tyson.

Iron Mike Tyson

*Photo courtesy of EA Sports & UFC 2 

Mike Tyson is no stranger to video games. His gaming lineage goes as far back as the iconic "Mike Tyson's Punch Out' for Nintendo. More recently he has appeared in a WWE Video Game and as a playable legend in EA Sport's Fight Night franchise. However, this time around we get to see Mike Tyson in a way we have never seen before -- "Iron Mike" going toe to toe with MMA Icons. So the question becomes: Can you get the Kimora lock on him before his hands make their way to you?

UFC 2 creative director Brian Hayes had this to say about Tyson: "When you think about the most devastating fighters of all time, Mike Tyson is either around, or at the top of everyone's list."

The game will feature two versions of Tyson. The look titled "Iron Mike" is designed to depict his look from his historic reign over boxing from the 80' through the early 90's. "Legacy Mike" is designed to depict his appearance from today complete with the tribal face tattoo.

Check out Larry King's interview with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield side by side:

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