Chelsea Handler says Justin Bieber was her "worst" ever

Former talk show host says Justin Bieber was her worst ever celebrity interview, saying the young singer made her feel like a "child molester".

True to her outspoken character, Chelsea Handler, 40, didn't hold back when asked about her worst ever celebrity interview.

During a promotional tour for her new four-part docuseries Chelsea Does, the comedienne crowned Justin Bieber her worst celebrity interviewee, saying the singer’s incessant flirting made her “so uncomfortable". The former Chelsea Lately host continued by saying that Bieber’s flirtatious behavior was part of “his shtick” and probably not reserved exclusively for her, but that the young star made her “feel like a child molester” all the same.
When asked if the his tactics were at all successful, Handler quickly replied, “I was not sexually attracted to a child. Thank you for clearing that up.”
With her new show now available on Netflix and receiving less than stellar reviews, one does wonder if the flamboyant comments are part Handler’s own “schtick” or not. Either way, The ever controversial comedienne is in for a storm of hatred from Bliebers around the world as well as a fair share of well timed publicity.
The Canadian pop sensation and teen-girl dream, now 21, made several appearances during the seven years Chelsea Lately was on air. One of the more memorable ones in 2011, when the two spent Valentine’s day together and Bieber audaciously kissed Handler on the cheek.
Is Handler looking to cause a ruckus or is Bieber really a pathological flirt? We’ll let you decide!
See what Scooter Braun, Bieber’s longtime manager said about the young star when he was interview on Larry King Now in August. 

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