Royal Rumble Results: One vs. All

The road to Wrestlemania always begins with WWE's Royal Rumble. This year the incumbent champion Roman Reigns was forced to defend his title in the Rumble itself against 29 other superstars leaving him with very slim odds of retaining the title. SPOILER ALERT... If you have not yet watched the Royal Rumble I would not recommend scrolling down. 

The theme for this years Royal Rumble was one vs. all as WWE Champion Roman Reigns was set to take on 29 of WWE Superstars in hopes of retaining his title. However, The Rumble was not the only match on the card and some of the other bouts made this event worth the price of admission. (Which just in case you didn't know is $9.99) 

Let's start with the opening bout; 

Dean Ambrose Vs. Kevin Owens Royal Rumble

*Image courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens

The centerpiece of this event is the Rumble but in my opinion this was that match that stole the show. Dean Ambrose & Kevin Owens are two of WWE's most talented performers and a match like this proves that very point. In a back and forth match, each competitor took the other to the limit. Some of the highlights included. 

Owens performed a cannon ball that actually sent him and Ambrose through the barricade. 

Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on a steel folding chair. 

Owens hit a Super Fisherman Buster through a table. 

This match saw stairs, kendo sticks, tables and more utilized and ultimately ended with Ambrose using a device of Owens creation. Earlier in the match Owens stacked tables and never looked back (In typical heel fashion). Fast forward and Owens goes to finish Ambrose with a move off the top rope and instead gets sent through the aforementioned tables. 

Feuds like this are sure to restore credibility to the IC Title. 

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Rating: 4/5

New Day vs The Uso's - Royal Rumble

*Image courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment. 

The New Day (c) vs. The USO's - Tag Team Title Match 

In a match that has been brewing for a while your two time tag champs Rooty, Tooty and Booty ,,,err.. I mean The New Day take on The Uso brothers. Outside of Xavier Woods antics outside the ring (Refusing to play Francesco the Trombone at the crowds request) This match left little excitement, It was a standard back and forth match between WWE's top Heel and Face tag team. 

The major highlight was Big E catching an USO off the top rope for the big ending. 

Winner: The New Day 

Rating: 2.5/5

*Image courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto: United States Championship 

In what was the rubber match between the two talented Mexican wrestlers Alberto Del Rio defended his United States Championship against the young member of the Lucha Dragons Kalisto. This match had no notable moment and was filled with botched move after botched move. It was clear that the style of these two competitors did not sync up and other then a few nasty kicks this match was best served as a bathroom break. (Or football score check in)

Winner: NEW United States Champion Kalisto 

Rating: .5/5

becky lynch vs charlotte wwe royal rumble

*Image courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment.

Charlotte w/Ric Flair vs. Becky Lynch: Divas Championship 

Outside of the IC Title match and the Royal Rumble itself the Four Horsewomen continue to build a Divas division that has become one of the staples of WWE's programs. This match pitted everyones favorite Irish spark plug Becky Lynch against her former best friend and PCB team member Charlotte. This match was a technically sound back and forth match between two great competitors. Ultimately,this match continued to portray Charlotte as the NEW dirtiest player in the game.  The highlights include:

Rick Flair STILL being the kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing son of a gun as he laid a kiss on Becky for the distraction. 

Becky coming an inch away from winning the title only to have Ric Flair throw his jacket on her face to break her finishing move "The Disarmer"

The biggest highlight came after the match when a returning Boss "Sasha Banks" laid her claim on the divas division and hit "The Bank Statement" on Charlotte. 

Winner: Still Divas Champion Charlotte 

Rating: 3/5

The 30 Man Over the Top Rope Royal Rumble  

The Rumble itself contained several big moments. 

- The Debut of The Phenomenal One AJ Styles 

- The passing of proverbial big man torch from Big Show and Kane to Braun Stowman, 

- Brock Lesnar taking the whole Wyatt Family to Suplex City and then being eliminated. 

- Curtis Axel's year long Rumble ending. 

- Kofi enjoying a soda on Big E's shoulders

- Y2J spending a majority of time in the Rumble. 

- Sami Zayns theme music and elimination of Kevin Owens. 

- The Leauge of Nations dismantling Roman Reigns and temporarily getting him carted out from the Rumble. 

Now to the final 4 .. We are left with HHH, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in the ring. Surprisingly, Sheamus and Reigns are eliminated leaving the title to either Dean Ambrose or HHH. After back and forth, HHH eliminates Dean from the outside and we have a new world champion. 

Winner AND New WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Game Triple H. 

Rating: 3/5

Side Note: Did anyone notice that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose didn't play up their friendship at all? Hmm. 

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