Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Rap Battle with B.o.B. Over Flat Earth

The epic rap battle you never knew you wanted: the renowned astrophysicist faces off with the grammy-nominated rapper over B.o.B.'s theory that the Earth is flat!

By Kelley Bierkortte

Bobby Ray Simmons, better known as the rapper B.o.B, decided to share his truth about our planet with his two million Twitter followers. Amongst his 50+ Tweets on the topic, B.o.B posts photos to prove that the Earth is, in his opinion, flat. With such fame comes the power to persuade many of B.o.B's followers and fans, who seem to agree with this theory.

An opponent of the Flat Earth conspiracy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and overall smart guy, attempted to prove B.o.B wrong via social media. Despite Tyson's efforts, B.o.B cannot be swayed. The rapper released a Neil deGrasse Tyson-diss track titled "Flatline" that states his beliefs (though the track seems to have been pulled now).  

 B.o.B says, "Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest," in the track. Later in the song, B.o.B raps, "Indoctrinated in a cult called science/ And graduated to a club full of liars." According to his lyrics, B.o.B thinks the science behind the spherical Earth is merely made up and there is no proof. In fact, he released picture proof on his Twitter that the Earth is definitely flat. 

B.o.B can try all he wants to outsmart science, but it's not working out too well.  Fortunately for science, Tyson did the unexpected by dropping a diss track of his own. Although Tyson isn't a rapper, his nephew Steve Tyson, who goes by 'Tyson,' is. The track is called Flat to Fact and features Neil deGrasse Tyson reading some of his Tweets. 

Check out Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining what would happen if the Earth stopped rotating for a second. 

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