Chargers, Rams or Raiders to Move to LA?

Larry's thoughts on Los Angeles' potential NFL team

By Hannah Kavy

Just yesterday, three NFL teams filed for relocation to the already traffic-infested city of Los Angeles (#Help). These teams being the Chargers, Raiders & Rams. (As a baseball fan who could probably only name a handful of NFL teams - 3 being listed above - I'm just trying figure out where I can vote "no thanks" on this issue #noshade) But anyway, this is a huge deal, Los Angeles has been without a pro football team for 20 years and it seems like most Los Angelenos are pretty stoked about it. Naturally, Larry had some thoughts on the matter - read what he had to say below...

"I have no idea how the owners will vote, but it's certain that one team will be there.. maybe even two. Whichever NFL team moves to LA will have to play at either the Coliseum or Rose Bowl while they wait for the stadium to be built. Here's something to think about - whenever you hear an owner say, 'we love our fans, they are the best,' you can add a footnote to that, '...except when we wanna make more money, then we move.'"


After he finished cracking his jokes I asked Larry if he could pick one of the three teams to move to LA, which one would it be? His answer: The Rams! 

Since Larry King Now is a digital show, it's only fitting that I add a couple NFL related clips to this blog for your enjoyment. Check out these clips of the hilarious stars of "The League," Broncos' Vernon Davis, Raiders' Chris Kluwe and NFL's Rich Eisen!

Chris Kluwe on being outspoken in the NFL & fighting for equal rights.

Chester Pitts, Nipsey Hussle, Jimmie Lee Solomon and Ryan Ford sound off on the NFL’s potential banning of the N-word and other offensive language.

Vernon Davis talks about a future where men can be openly gay men in the NFL.

Legendary Rich Eisen talks about leaving ESPN to be the face of The NFL Network & more!

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