Golden Globe Nominee Michael Shannon on '99 Homes' & 'Batman v Superman'

Golden Globe Nominee Michael Shannon Talks '99 Homes', Marriage Equality & 'Batman v Superman' Rumors

By Scott Stenholm - Editorial Producer, Larry King Now

Acclaimed actor Michael Shannon appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night ahead of this weekend's Golden Globe awards ceremony (Sunday, 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC) where he will be vying for best actor in a supporting role in a motion picture for his work in 99 Homes.  

The ever-popular late night host started things off by showcasing a picture of Shannon donning an ugly Christmas sweater, which he wore on the red carpet back in November for his film, The Night Before.  

Do yourself a favor and google image "Michael Shannon Christmas Sweater" -- it is as if you are looking at his Boardwalk Empire character brought to life and forced to time travel to modern day for the sole purpose of taking this picture for our viewing pleasure. Spoiler alert: in The Night Before, Shannon plays the three lead's high school pot dealer and hilarity ensues. We love Michael Shannon. He is one of those actors that you know that if he is in a movie it is all but guaranteed to be the better for it. 

Last Fall, Shannon joined us on Larry King Now to discuss his Golden Globe-nominated role in 99 Homes and his role in last year's Freeheld co-starring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page and Steve CarellFreeheld is the real-life story of a gay couple whose civil rights are infringed on. In the video below, Shannon, whose real-life sister is gay, voiced to Larry why he stands for marriage equality. 

In the video below, Shannon, a.k.a General Zod, reveals two huge details about his Batman v Superman role while admitting that his comments last Summer about his character having webbed feet were just a ”red herring”.

Watch the full interview below to see Shannon talk about his 99 Homes role and the awards buzz surrounding him. Plus, Larry tests the veteran actor on his ability to tell 'white lies' in a fun little game. 

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