LA Artist Recreates Classic Disney Films with Tim Burton Twist

What if Tim Burton had directed all Disney's classic movies?

By Kelley Bierkortte - 'Larry King Now'

We've all seen classic Disney films- but not like this. 

Disney characters are known for their vibrant colors and lively looks, while Tim Burton films are dark and feature characters with a bit of gothic flare. 

Los Angeles based artist, Andrew Tarusov combines Burton's visionary style with Disney's typical approach to create a whole new world. 

Tarusov's creative mind brought upon the collection "What if Tim Burton directed all Disney classic movies?"  The series  includes 10 posters of Disney's well-known films reimagined in the world of Tim Burton. 

He described his process which started by taking pencil to paper and finishing the pieces by coloring them in with Photoshop. 

The Lion King gets a Nightmare Before Christmas makeover. 

Tim Burton The Lion King

Image courtesy of Andrew Tarusov

No more innocent blue eyes for Dumbo. Now he has the classic Tim Burton beady eyes. 

Tim Burton Dumbo

Image courtesy of Andrew Tarusov

Instead of dwarves, Snow White has bats, spiders and dogs- oh my! 

Tim Burton Snow White

Image courtesy of Andrew Tarusov

Tarusov told HelloGiggles that the purpose of the series is to make people "smile, laugh, and have a fun time when they come across my work."  He says, "I love how Burton's style looks vintage, chic, and cute all at the same time. His work is often marketed as 'horror' movies, but at the same time, it's not a horror... It could be any genre."

Tim Burton The Little Mermaid

Image courtesy of Andrew Tarusov

Tarusov takes more of the cute route with his interpretation of The Beast.

Tim Burton Beauty and the Beast

Image courtesy of Andrew Tarusov

This is not the first time Tarusov has taken on the world of Disney. His portfolio includes Disney Princess Pin-upDisney Villains Pin-up, and Cartoon Characters That Got Old featuring Minnie, Mickey, and Donald Duck.

To check out the entire collection well as his other work, go to Tarusov's website.

Comedian and actor Martin Short speaks with Larry King about working with Tim burton. 

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