Morgan Freeman Confirms He Dined with Obama to Larry King

The Academy Award-winning actor shares details about the Obama Presidential Center on Larry King Now.

By: Serena Brahney – Senior Producer, Larry King Now

Rumors abound that President Obama and Morgan Freeman had dinner together this week, as they were each seen leaving BLT Steak in Washington, D.C. Wednesday evening. In this exclusive clip, the Academy Award-winning actor confirms to Larry King that he and POTUS shared a meal, and reveals details about the upcoming Obama Presidential Center.

As Morgan tells Larry, “There was a bunch of us there to start helping him design the Obama–”
“Library,” Larry interjects. “Center,” Morgan corrects him. “We’re not going to call it a library.”

“You smile when you say it’s not going to be a library – meaning it’s going to be a little different?” Larry notes, pressing for more details.

“Yeah. He’s anxious to make it so that when people visit they come away with maybe a little incentive to take part in the process,” Morgan says, shedding new light on the plans for the highly-anticipated center.

As for how Morgan – who has played the president himself – feels about Obama? “I’m a big fan,” he tells Larry. “Ever since I read his book, ‘The Audacity of Hope,’ he’s had me in his hip pocket. Whatever he needs, if I can provide it, he’s got it. And he knows it.”

Morgan – known as Hollywood’s “voice of God” – is also lending support to the Hillary Clinton campaign, narrating several ads that will begin airing in South Carolina before the primary on February 27th.

Guess that clears up who will be getting his vote this election season.

Watch Morgan discuss President Obama with Larry King in the exclusive clip below:

Morgan’s full interview with Larry – a wide-ranging conversation in which they discuss the surprising reason Morgan will take a role, his take on Hollywood's diversity issue, and the roots of that voice – premieres February 29th on Ora TV and Hulu.

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