Charlie Puth On 'Larry King Now': Five Things We Learned

Ahead of his Grammys debut, the 'See You Again' singer opened up about quite a bit....

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer 'Larry King Now'

We were thrilled to have Grammy nominee Charlie Puth come through the 'Larry King Now' studios recently. Charlie and Larry hit it off in a hilariously candid interview that all you CP fans out there would surely love (scroll down to see it!).

Here are our five favorite takeaways from the conversation.

1) Unbelievably, Charlie didn't know how to sing two years ago. We're sure glad he knows how to now!

"It's weird because I didn't know how to sing two years ago. I basically — not a lot of people know this — but I taught myself how to sing through auto-tune."

2) Despite what many have thought in the past, he is just 'buds' with Meghan Trainor. In fact, the two like to chill out and eat pizza together. Uhh, where's our invite?

'"We're best friends! We watch Southpark and eat pizza together. We're like buds!"

3) He's dying to do a collab with Ariana Grande. Yes please!

“I would love to work with Ariana Grande, like someone with like insane—anyone with insane vocal range like that.”

4) Sadly, Charlie was bullied in high school. But, after a multi-platinum selling single and a few Grammy noms, I wonder who's laughing now?

“...before that I went to Manhattan school of music. Pre-college because, again, I was bullied, so I wanted to stay out of my town as much as possible so I would go to Harlem every Saturday and learn classical piano.”

5 ) And last but not least, Charlie wants to design his own sneakers. Looks like you've got some competition, Kanye!

“I would love to design a sneaker. I’m like obsessed with designing urban sneakers.”

These, of course, are only a few  tidbits from the conversation. Watch the entire interview below — it's certainly one of our favorite thus far in 2016!

WATCH: Charlie Puth On 'Larry King Now'

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