Celine Dion's Emotional Return to the Stage in Vegas

The singer pays tribute to her late husband, René Angélil, during her first concert since his death.

By Kelley Forrester - 'Larry King Now'

Celine Dion delivered an emotional performance on Tuesday night during her return to her Las Vegas residency. The Canadian singer hit the stage for the first time since the passing of her husband René Angélil on Jan. 14 after a long battle with cancer

 The show began with a message from Dion that read, "I understood that my career was in a way his masterpiece, his song, his symphony. The idea of leaving it unfinished would have hurt him terribly. I realized that if he ever left us, I would have to continue without him, for him." After a display of photos remembering Angélil's life, Dion was revealed on stage and was received by a standing ovation.  

Dion started off singing Barbra Streisand's "With One More Look At You/Watch Closely Now." 

Speaking about her life with her manager and husband of 21 years, Dion addressed the crowd saying, "Whether he was seated in his seat right there, in the balcony, backstage, or at home with the kids, he's always been on stage with me and nothing will ever change that." 

She emotionally continued, "René always surrounded me with the very best people possible. I trusted him so much that I never really had the chance to worry about anything. Now, I guess it is only a natural impulse to constantly question myself. Would he let the kids play with these toys and is this song too fast, is this song too slow? Don't talk too much. It's pretty amazing that since he's physically no longer with me, he is even more present."

"We were one, and nothing has changed. We will always be one. You know, I might not hear his voice yet, but I talk to him, I think of him all the time. I feel and I know he hears me. One way or another, I know he will give me a sign for his approval or not. And now, I can feel that he's telling me to zip it and start singing."

Dion continued the concert by singing hits including "Because You Loved Me" and "Where Does My Heart Beat Now."

While singing "All By Myself" Dion let out a few tears, but carried out the song until its end, before walking off the stage to gain composure. 

The opening of the concert - including "With One More Look At You" and Dion's emotional words about Angélil - is available to watch on Dion's website.

Back in 2013 Celine Dion sat down with Larry King and spoke about her career, motherhood and her relationship with René. 

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