First edition of ICYMI on Ora this week!

Well, It's been a great week on Ora TV, we have seen the voice of God have dinner with a President, the GOP go crazy for Trump while Hillary and Bernie continue duke it out, Fuller House debut, Larry King play Larry King in American Crime Story, Craig Ferguson and Larry King rekindle their bromance and so much more. So, for your reading & viewing pleasure here is what you may have missed this week on Ora TV.

By Ava Carole "Larry King Now"

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman confirmed he dined with President Obama.

Candace Cameron revealed that stepping back into the role of DJ Tanner was overwhelming.

Craig Ferguson gives Larry King his hilarious take on the presidential candidates.

Bibiana Domit discusses Tully's "the world's first conscious children's brand".

How Einstein Changed His Brain - And you can too!

Former Senator George Mitchell weighs-in on Obama's Gitmo plan. 

Larry Flynt: Scalia was the most damaging Supreme Court Justice in 250 years.

CDC study reports 50% of gay black men will be diagnosed with HIV. 

Celine Dion made an emotional return to the stage .

Terry Crews opened up about his pornography addiction and the impact it had on his life. 

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Lorde & Demi Lovato rallied around Kesha

The Internet went crazy over a Katy Perry conspiracy theory!

Jesse Ventura discuses the political revolution.

Lindsey Graham thinks the GOP has gone B*tshit crazy!

20% of Trump Voters Disapprove of Lincoln Freeing Slaves.

Eric Holder calls to reclassify Marijuana.

Does Chris Christie want a shot at VP?

Thanks for checking in and come back next week for more of the stories you care about from the people you want to hear from. 

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