Fuller House Recap: 5 Things We Love

Fuller House has arrived and here are 5 things that we LOVE about the new Full House spin off.

With the debut of Fuller House this weekend all fans of the original show have gone on a binge watching frenzy! 

Long time friend of Larry King Now Josh Gad spoke the sentiments of every good red blooded American that has grew up after Full House debuted in 1989. 

So grab some "ouce cream" and join us as we recap our 5 of our favorite things about Fuller House! 

Number 1: 

The girls always had perfect choreographed dance scenes. 

The guys just couldn't dance! 

Jury Says? Still the same! 

Number 2 

We still get the corny yet amazing signature lines. 

Number 3 

We get plenty of mentions of the missing sister Michelle 

Im am sure the Olsen Twins really appreciated that shade thrown their way! 

Number 4

They acknowledged Stephanie's pretend wedding to Harry Takayama 

Number 5

Comet's off spring is still in the family,

Runner Up 

Max Fuller has Michelle Tanner's pencil bed! 


Watch Candace Cameron Bure discuss the future of Fuller House

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