Mac Miller to Donald Trump: "You racist son of a b—-"

The longstanding Miller v. Trump feud just got taken to a whole new level.

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer "Larry King Now"

Shots fired! On Wednesday night rapper Mac Miller reconfirmed his dislike for Donald Trump via a pretty epic rap/rant on "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore." 

Miller — a platinum selling rap artist & recent "Larry King Now" guest — called Trump out for his perceived racism & fame-hungry character, saying: “Let me whitesplain this to you, you racist son of a b—-. You see, you’re lowering the bar for our nation’s intelligence: Your only goal is to stay in the spotlight, no matter how much it fuels the fire of hate groups you apparently know nothing about, like KKK and Neo-Nazis. You have people at your rallies that openly assault black teenage girls, because that’s America.

Miller also blatantly stated that he "hates" Donald Trump and said if Trump were elected president, he would never consider moving to another country like many Americans are threatening to do. Instead he would take a stand against Trump and remain a U.S. resident: “You know what I’m gonna do if you get elected? I’m staying right the f—- here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ma be here every day telling the world how much I hate you, how much of a clown you are, and how we as a nation are better than you will be as a racist f—-wad of a human. Because I love America, and I’m never giving it up to a troll like you, you b—-!"

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mac and Donald's longstanding (and very peculiar) beef here's a "nutshell" recap:

1) In 2011, Mac released a  song called "Donald Trump." At first, Donald loved having a song written about him, saying "I'm proud of that." He even went as far as to say that Mac Miller was "the new Eminem."

2) Said song, however, ended up going platinum and as a result the rapper & mogul's relationship quickly went south. Donald — seemingly out of left field — threatened to sue Mac for using his name on the song without approval, calling him an "ungrateful dog" on Twitter.

3) The tension between the two has existed ever since, with Mac commenting on Donald during several press appearances, including the below "Larry King Now" clip, where the rapper was a little more diplomatic saying: "I would definitely be down to have a conversation with him, but will I vote for him — I don't think so."

It's fair to say that, after last night's tirade, the war of wars has been taken to a whole new level. Batter up, Donald!

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