Sharon Osbourne Reveals Her Own Kardashian-Inspired Selfie

Kim Kardashian's recent nude selfie continues to stir up trouble.  Yet Sharon Osbourne decided to show the reality-star some solidarity by taking one of her own.  

By Saher Khalil, 'Larry King Now'

Many celebrities had something to say about Kim Kardashian’s most recent nude selfie that she posted for the world to see.While some didn’t appear to approve of the post, one celebrity posted her own nude selfie in solidarity with the reality star.  Sharon Osbourne showed her support for Kim Kardashian by posting a similar selfie and telling Kim in the caption that she inspired her.

Now Osbourne claims someone wasn’t too happy with her nude pic...her own husband!  In a recent episode of The Talk, she revealed that, after sending the photo to her husband Ozzy Osbourne, he responded by saying: “Why are you sending me naked pictures of yourself?  I know what you look like when you have no clothes on.  We've been married a long time."  Sharon jokingly responded to him by saying, You romantic fool, you.”

Sharon stated that taking the liberating picture made her "feel good and empowered."  

Check out this interview with Sharon Osbourne to hear what she has to say about her brief split with Ozzy:

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