Angela Bassett Talks About Her Sex Scene With Lady Gaga

The 'American Horror Story' actress revealed that she never told her husband about her steamy scene until it aired.

By Kelley Forrester - 'Larry King Now'

Angela Bassett, the 'American Horror Story: Hotel' actress, spoke to Access Hollywood back in September about her sex scene with Lady Gaga on the show, "She's a good kisser!" 

"I'm an actress and professional; you have to dive into the moment. But before, you're like, 'Oh my god, I've just met her, she's a superstar,'" she continued, "But she's the nicest person, she is warm, she is gracious, she's funny. She makes everybody feel comfortable, she's comfortable with herself, so no one's tripping - except for me." 

The first time Bassett met the music icon was at a party Gaga threw for the 'American Horror Story' cast and crew; which happened to be on Bassett's birthday. Gaga gave the birthday girl a little sneak peek of what was to come on the season. "Then she brought me out a birthday cake...and what she was doing to me on this cake..." She explained it as "an X rated cake!"

Bassett recalls that while filming the scene, she jumped out of the bed as soon as the director yelled 'Cut.' To which Gaga said, 'That's the fastest anyone has jumped out of the bed with me.'

What makes this all the more interesting is that Bassett never told her husband, Courtney B. Vance, about the sex scene. Instead, she waited until the night the episode aired and let him watch for himself. 

Bassett told Conan O'Brien that she showed her husband the episode and he sort of freaked out. "And so I'm showing it and I have the remote and he's like 'What's about to happen?'" She had to ease him into it, and practically played it frame by frame.

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