5 Places Brock Lesnar's Titles Could Be Located

Former NCAA, UFC & WWE Champion Brock Lesnar shocked the world by revealing on 'ESPN SportsCenter' that he has no idea where the symbols of his various accolades are located.

Brock Lesnar, also known as 'The Beast,' shocked the world today when he revealed that he has no idea where his titles are located.  "I couldn't even tell you where my UFC titles are or my WWE championships or my NCAA plaque," Lesnar said on ESPN SportsCenter.

Well, lucky for Brock, we decided that we should help 'The Conqueror' retrace his footsteps.  

Here are the five places that we think Brock Lesnar's titles could be (these are allegations and suppositions, people)

5) Dolph Ziggler's locker: Knowing Dolph's tendency to steal the show (and people's girlfriends - again, that's a joke) for some reason this doesn't seem like much of a stretch. 

Dolph Ziggler Gif

4) The Undertaker's casket: The Taker has never been one to easily let go of a grudge.  He has a huge score to settle with Lesnar for conquering his mania streak.  If I were him, I would start here. 

Undertaker GIF

3) Wildman Marc Mero's house: Marry my ex, I will take your titles...simple as that.  Lesnar is married to former WWE diva Sable. 

Sable Kicks Marc Mero

2) John Cena buried them: After all, no one is allowed to be 'The Champ" but John Cena. 

John Cena Confused

1) Dean Ambrose stole them: As Wrestlemania approaches, the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose is looking for any mental edge that he can get over Brock.  My guess is he could have paid the Lesnar residence as visit.  Will it give him a mental edge come Sunday? Time will tell! 

Dean Ambrose

Where do you think the belts are? Let us know in the comments below. 

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