'Star Wars' Land? Um, Yes Please!

Construction on the newest member of the Disneyland family begins in April. 

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer 'Larry King Now'

While sifting through today's layers of ever-increasing, disparaging political commentary on social media (AMURICA!), I finally found a story that brought a big ol’ cheeky grin to my face — one that I think has a legitimate shot at NOT getting politicized! [Insert 20 praying hands emojis]

Disney has officially announced that construction on their highly anticipated Star Wars Land will begin this April at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Soon after, the same Star Wars themed park will be built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL!

According to comments made by Disney CEO Bob Iger at a recent shareholders meeting, there is no set completion date for either park. Other details are currently scarce, however, Iger did indicate that Star Wars Land will totally immerse park-goers in the brand’s universe, with many of the fan favorite Star Wars faces wandering the grounds as cast members. Thus far, the only confirmed ride is a Millennium Falcon flight simulator.

So, rejoice my fellow Star Wars fanatics — it’s actually happening! Get your ass a Fast Pass! 

Now I wonder if after completion, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will discuss foreign policy on the Han Solo Coaster? Will Bernie and Ted show up to taste some C-3PO chips? Wait...I almost forgot! No politics allowed in Star Wars Land!

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