Internet Stars, John McAfee for President, & 'Sextremism': Roku Picks of the Week

Another work week has come to an end! Time to put your feet up and relax to some of the past week's best clips in entertainment and politics . Tune into your Roku player and get ready to enjoy the weekend!

See what gifts Charlie Puth received when he and Larry celebrated his 24th birthday on Larry King Now! Also hear the Grammy nominee spill the beans on his relationship with Meghan Trainor, which female artist he’d love to collaborate with someday, and his experiences with bullying.

See what Troye Sivan had to say about coming out, what inspired him to do it, and what keeps him sane and grounded with fame on the rise. Also hear what the Australian singer thinks about the future of LGBT acceptance and his own career! 

Listen to cybersecurity expert and "anti-virus guru" John McAfee as he discusses the recent US vs Apple controversy, the danger of creating a backdoor with a government that is "illiterate in cybersecurity," and why having privacy and security are not mutually exclusive.

See what Ukrainian activist and FEMEN leader, Inna Shevchenko, had to say on her feminist roots, "sextremism” and topless protest, and share her experience of moving to France right before the Charlie Hebdo attacks. 

Hannah Hart talks about how “My Drunk Kitchen” started out as a joke, her relationship with Ingrid Nilsen, and reveals that Britney Spears was her celebrity crush. Also hear what the YouTube sensation had to say about the struggles growing up with a schizophrenic mother. 

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