Jada Pinkett Smith Responds to Chris Rock's Oscar Jabs

The actress looks to the future after Oscar host Chris Rock made jokes at her expense.

By: Pari Heidari, 'Larry King Now’

About a week after the Academy Awards, one of the most vocal celebrities in the #OscarsSoWhite movement, Jada Pinkett Smith, finally responded to Oscar host Chris Rock's comments made in reference to her during the awards ceremony. Pinkett Smith was asked about Rock's remarks while walking through LAX with her daughter, Willow Smith. The actress and mother of two gave reporters a rather vague answer:

"Hey look, it comes with the territory but we gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving,” the actress told X17. “There’s a lot of stuff we gotta handle, a lot of stuff in our world right now. We gotta keep it moving.”

Pinkett Smith, who was one of the most vocal proponents of a boycott - due to what many believed was a lack of diversity in the nominations - has stayed out of the limelight since the award show. She hasn't made an official response until now.

Rock showed little mercy when he addressed the issue during his opening monologue,
“Jada [Pinkett Smith] boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited.”

Husband Will Smith wasn’t spared either,  "It’s not fair that Will was this good and didn’t get nominated. It’s also not fair that Will was paid $20 million for Wild Wild West!”

Another strong voice in the #OscarsSoWhite campaign was director Spike Lee. See what he had to say on the matter, when he sat down with Larry on 'Larry King Now.'

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