Larry King's Touching Tribute to Nancy Reagan: "She was — and is — class"

Reagan was a close personal friend of Larry King & his wife Shawn. 

By: Kyle MacLelland, Producer 'Larry King Now'

Yesterday's news of Nancy Reagan's passing saddened many across the globe and spawned a well-deserved outpouring of love and support from the political community and beyond.  Mrs. Reagan — who was 94  —  served as First Lady of The United States during husband Ronald Reagan's 1981-1989 presidential term. She's known as one of the most active & outspoken first ladies in U.S. history, addressing many issues while in the White House — including the War on Drugs, lifting bans on stem cell research and improved veteran care. She's also remembered for her steadfast devotion to her late husband. 

Throughout Mrs. Reagan's years in the public eye, she developed a close friendship with our very own Larry King and his wife Shawn. In addition to appearing on Larry's CNN show a multitude of times, Mrs. Reagan and the Kings frequently dined together and crossed paths at various functions in Los Angeles. Upon hearing of his friend's passing, Larry immediately tweeted the following:

Today, while shooting a new episode of PoliticKing on Ora TV, Larry shared more about his friendship with Nancy Reagan, and commented on her legacy. 

"She was a close friend. She confided in me. She took me into her thinking about many things — and I always enjoyed every moment with her."

Watch the entire tribute here and enjoy a few never-seen-before photos of the King family & Mrs. Reagan below. 

Larry King, Shawn King & their two sons after lunching with Nancy Reagan on two different occasions.

 Larry and Shawn will attend the former First Lady's funeral this Friday, March 11th at the Ronald Reagan National Library in Simi Valley, CA.

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